Browns Fans Are Unreasonably Excited That Baker Mayfield Appears To Have Slimmed Down

Browns Fans Excited That Baker Mayfield Appears To Have Slimmed Down

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If you have been a Cleveland Browns fan for any length of time then by now you have to pick and choose your spots when it comes to getting excited about your team.

After all, the Browns have had just one winning season in the past 17 years, and just two since the team was reborn following then owner Art Modell moving the entire operation to Baltimore (and winning a Super Bowl just five years later).

So it comes as little surprise that Cleveland Browns fans are very excited to see that their 25-year-old quarterback Baker Mayfield – the man who ended a 635-day winless streak after being the number one overall pick in 2018 – appears to have slimmed down quite a bit this offseason.

Perhaps those really awful-looking pushups Mayfield has been doing actually have been working?

Looks like the “Fat Baker” Twitter account may need to find a new gig.

After a pretty miserable sophmore NFL season in which Mayfield’s TD passes dropped from 27 to 22 while his interceptions rose from 14 to 21, the former Sooner reportedly decided that the extra weight he was carrying in 2019 was not beneficial.

That and the fact that in a photo with other NFL players hanging out shirtless on the water made him look like some schlub who just happened to wander into the picture.

Meanwhile, Browns fans, who were ridiculously optimistic heading into the 2019 NFL season only to see the team actually do worse than they did in 2018, are pretty fired up to see their QB has been putting in some work.

Oh yeah… I almost forgot about that.

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