Bryan Harsin Trolls Super Lame Reporter Over ‘Hatgate’ With Hilarious Shirts At First Auburn Practice

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The media, particularly the old heads (or pseudo old heads) within college football who are tied to a local publication, can be very uptight and stuck up. That was the case at Auburn last summer.

Bryan Harsin, who was hired by the Tigers in December of 2020, tried to do something nice at his first practice of his first season. Before things got underway, he went over to wear the media was sitting and thew some hats into the crowd.

It was a nice gift and a thoughtful gesture to thank the media by a coach who was trying to get the start of a new chapter in his career off to a good start.  Tom Green of, who is an aforementioned pseudo old head, did not agree.

He got mad online and wrote the following diatribe:

“In what was one of the stranger moments of a viewing period, at least in my seven seasons covering Auburn, Bryan Harsin took a short break before 11-on-11 work and came over to the patio area that the media was watching from. He grabbed a bunch of Auburn hats and went down the line, trying to toss them to media members. It was — odd, to say the least, as media are not fans and are there to report on the team.”

Auburn absolutely roasted Green and ripped him for his eye roll-inducing report.

Now, a year later, Harsin got in on the fun and threw a jab of his own at Green. Following the first media availability of the 2022 season, he had custom t-shirts distributed to all of the reporters in attendance.

The shirts were a direct response to the hullabaloo that went down last year.

Harsin 1 — Green 0. Incredible stuff.

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