Pirates Fans Brace For Another Star To Be Traded After Bryan Reynolds’ Spring Training Comments

Bryan Reynolds crosses home plate.

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Bryan Reynolds addressed the recent trade rumors for the first time in 2023 after arriving to the Pirates’ Spring Training facility. The comments haven’t eased the minds of many around Pittsburgh.

Fans have gone straight to social media to post reaction to the outfielder’s now viral remarks as they brace for another star player to be traded away from the Steel City.

The trade talks actually started prior to the 2022 season regarding Reynolds. Those initial conversations, which mainly focused on the star player’s salary, had fans in Pittsburgh peeved.

In what’s become a far too often occurrence, Pirates’ supporters have seen this story play out before.

The front office isn’t willing to pay its best players, instead opting to deal its stars at the peak of their careers in order to gain young talent and start the process all over again. It’s a never-ending cycle that’s caused disdain towards owner Bob Nutting to grow.

Fans were very vocal last season as frustration continued to mount. One local hero even duped Nutting into taking a photo with him while wearing a “Sell the team” t-shirt.

And there’s certainly a lot to be angry about.

The list of star players traded in recent years includes Gerrit Cole, Joe Musgrove, Tyler Glasnow, Josh Bell, Austin Meadows, Jameson Taillon, Adam Frazier, and Starling Marte.

Bryan Reynolds wound up staying in Pittsburgh for the 2022 season, hitting .262 and blasting 27 home runs. The switch hitter has been one of the more consistent players in the lineup over the last two years.

Seeing that recent production, Reynolds wants to be compensated fairly. The Pirates have been unwilling to up his pay, but they’ve had extremely high asking prices for potential trade suitors.

On Wednesday, Reynolds talked a bit about where those trade talks stand.

When asked about why he requested a trade last year, he said the following.

“I’m not getting too much into it, but it was just a difference of opinion on what we view my worth as a player to be. That’s where we ended up… Nothing’s really changed on that front.”

While it’s encouraging to see Bryan Reynolds at Spring Training, his remarks on the continued consternation with the organization in worrisome to many fans.

Here’s what they were saying online.

One person said, “Well that’s got to be an awkward situation.”

Another wrote, “The Pirates are a joke of an organization that doesn’t deserve a talent like Reynolds.”

Luckily, there could be an alternative solution, but it involves the Pirates opening up the checkbook a bit. The outfielder actually prefers to sign an extension with the team.

“I think I’ve been pretty open these last few years that my No. 1 [option] would be to sign an extension in Pittsburgh. I want that to be a fair deal for both sides… Not a crazy player, not a crazy team deal.”

Reynolds wants to work with the team. We’ll see if the Pirates are willing to return the favor.