Watch Bryson DeChambeau Drive The First Green At The Ryder Cup, Drain The Eagle Putt

bryson dechambeau drives first green ryder cup

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  • Bryson DeChambeau flew his drive onto the first green at the Ryder Cup.
  • He then proceeded to make the eagle putt in impressive fashion.
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Bryson DeChambeau had been looking to drive the first green at the Ryder Cup all weekend, and on Sunday he finally pulled it off, and he pulled it off in style.

According to the broadcast, it was 340 yards to the front of the green from the tee on Sunday afternoon and DeChambeau didn’t just run his tee shot onto the front edge of the dance floor, he flew it onto the green.

DeChambeau wasn’t done showing off on the first hole, he went ahead and made the eagle putt in style.

That’s what you call sending a message to your opponent.

DeChambeau is taking on Sergio Garcia in his Sunday’s singles match, and based on the first hole, it could be an interesting afternoon for Garcia.