Buccaneers Are Reportedly Raising Season Ticket Prices After Tom Brady Signing

tampa bay bucs raising season tickets tom brady

Getty Image / Joe Robbins

Tom Brady has officially introduced himself to Bucs fans after reportedly signing a two-year contract worth a guaranteed $50 million. With the greatest quarterback of all time signing with a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2007 it’s safe to assume that ticket demands and prices can only go one direction.

According to ESPN, Bucs season tickets are now 15% more than they were last year due to high demand. While a 15% increase isn’t outrageous by any means, it certainly shows that Tampa Bay fans are ready for the Brady era to begin.

Season tickets are now 15% more than last year due to such high demand. For instance, a ticket in the lower levels near the 20-yard line now costs $161 per game (10 games, eight regular-season and two preseason) when it previously was $136.85. The Bucs’ most affordable ticket costs $40.30 per game now when it previously cost $34.25 (all prices are before taxes and fees are added).

The price increases are for new season tickets only, though. Fans who are existing pass members will not see increases. Fans who have not yet renewed their season tickets but plan to do so will also not see increases.

Tampa Bay averaged less than 52,000 fans per game last season ranking 30th in the league. It’s clear that Raymond James Stadium, which has a capacity of over 65,000, will be welcoming a lot more fans next season.