The Buffalo Bills Thanked The Cincinnati Bengals By Sending Them 1440 Wings With All The Fixings

buffalo wings


Last Sunday, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton ensured a disproportionate amount of children born in Buffalo this year will bear his name when he overcame the odds on fourth-and-twelve and connected with Tyler Boyd for a 49-yard TD with 45 seconds remaining in their game against the Baltimore Ravens to help send the Buffalo Bills to the playoffs for the first time in 19 years.

Once Buffalo fans destroyed every single folding table in the metropolitan area, they decided to repay Dalton by flooding his charitable foundation with donations (as of last night, more than $315,000 has been sent Dalton’s way). The Bills organization also extended their thanks after the game and promised to send the Bengals a taste of the city’s namesake food for their troubles.

On Thursday, the franchise fulfilled their promise by placing an order for 120 dozen wings at Duff’s— one of the city’s signature joints— along with an ample amount of [Kenny Powers voice] “fixins” and a few jugs of sauce (they did so at the risk of potentially alienating some of the Anchor Bar purists out there because no good deed goes unpunished).

Based on my experience with football players at 25 cent wing night when I was in college, 1440 wings will probably only end up feeding about half of the roster, but I guess it’s the thought that counts.

The only thing the Bengals need now is for someone to send them a couple dozen 30 racks of Labatt Blue and they can officially party like they do in Buffalo.


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