PGA Tour Golfer Byeong Hun An Went Off On ‘Tree Gate’ Involving Patrick Reed

Byeong Hun An PGA Tour golfer

Getty Image / Jared C. Tilton

South Korean golfer Byeong Hun An has had a successful career on the PGA Tour despite not winning an event yet.

Byeong Hun An has nearly $11 million in career earnings since 2014 including a 3-year span where he made over $2 million each season. Suffice it to say he knows the sport of golf, and its rules, better than most.

He whipped #GolfTwitter into a frenzy with his latest tweet about rules. Byeong Hun An fired off a tweet about Patrick Reed’s latest scandal, aka ‘Tree Gate’.

The tweet reads “Next time I’m stuck on top of the tree, I’m just going to drop where I think it went. No need to identify it.”

Unlike Patrick Reed’s announcement where he tweeted an iPhone text message screenshot and turned off replies, Ben An left his replies open.

Not only did he leave his replies open, he went through and responded to many of the golf fans in his mentions. It provides an interesting take from the other side of the ropes.

I’ve never won on the PGA Tour, do the rules of golf not apply to me?

Ultimately, the mistake was on the rules official. I said that yesterday. But the point Ben An is trying to make is that these decisions ultimately lie squarely on the golfer. Rules officials are just a supplement but not the end all be all.

He is qualified to speak:

Golf is confusing:

Binoculars are prevalent on the course during a professional event:

He’s right. The rules are rules.

And the rules are not always straightforward:

Byeong Hun An believes the responsibility falls on the golfer, not the rules official:

He did say that he missed the Rory McIlroy drop situation.

I tend to disagree. Patrick Reed sought the advice of a rules official who identified the ball. From where I’m sitting, the balance of responsibility shifted after Patrick Reed was told by the official how to proceed.

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