Caleb Williams Hooked Up USC Basketball For March Madness Through NIL And The Trojans Will Be Bumping

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  • USC quarterback Caleb Williams is using his NIL opportunities to hook up other programs on campus.
  • He took care of the women’s basketball team earlier this month and now he’s got the men’s team all set up.
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Caleb Williams has not been in Los Angeles for two full months but he is already the king of USC. The 19-year-old is set to become QB1 at a program that is seeing a massive resurgence, he is already treated like a celebrity, and he is absolutely crushing it in the NIL era.

In mid-February, Williams signed a revolutionary deal with Hawkins Way Capital, a real estate private equity firm that manages $2 billion in assets. That alone would have been insane, but it was his fifth deal since publicly committing to USC.

Williams currently has deals with Fanatics and an alkaline water brand, and is a part-owner of a men’s grooming company. He also locked down an agreement with Beats by Dre, which has close ties to USC and falls under the Apple umbrella.

Caleb Williams Is Spreading The NIL Wealth Around USC

Although the terms of the deal are undisclosed, it is hard to imagine that Williams’ agreement with Beats by Dre is not significantly lucrative. As a part of the deal, he has been able to share some of the wealth around other athletic programs on campus.

Prior to the Pac-12 Women’s Basketball Tournament earlier this month, Williams stopped by the Trojans’ practice and gave every player a new set of headphones. While speaking with the team, it sounded like he has plans to make a habit of these types of surprises.

He’s already doubling down.

On Sunday evening, as USC men’s basketball waited to hear its name called on the NCAA March Madness selection show, Williams stopped in. While there, like he did with the women’s team, he gave every rostered member of the team — and head coach Andy Enfield — a new pair of Beats headphones.

How cool must it be for Williams to play NIL Santa Clause with a bunch of guys that he has been getting to know over the last month? What a flex!

USC men’s basketball will be a #7 seed in the Midwest Region of the bracket and will face Miami in the first round. When they roll into Greenville, S.C., the Trojans will be bumping through their new headphones.