Cam Newton’s Ex Is Demanding An Absurd Amount In Monthly Child Support In Order To Hire Forensic Scientist To Examine His Finances

Cam Newton's ex is demanding a whopping $15K in monthly child support in order to hire a forensic accountant to check his finances

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Cam Newton’s got a tall task with the New England Patriots this upcoming NFL season, plucked from free agency by head coach Bill Belichick to replace a living legend in Foxboro, Tom Brady. But while the former NFL MVP preps to regain his dominant form and prove that he’s still a superstar in the league, he’s got something else hanging over his head as he heads for a resurgent campaign: A wild child support request from his ex Kia Proctor.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Cam Newton and Kia Proctor — who broke up in January 2020 — are about to go head-to-head over some serious cash, with the latter allegedly demanding at least $15,000 per month in child support. The ex-couple have four kids together, all four years old and younger.

The lawsuit filed by Proctor makes mention of the out-of-court child support settlement that Newton and his ex initially agreed upon, but, apparently, that’s not enough, with Kia reportedly looking to use the extra cash to hire a forensic accountant to examine the three-time Pro Bowler’s finances. This could get really messy.

“As The Blast previously reported, in his petition, Cam asked the court to determine the amount he paid in child support. He said he was already paying Kia monthly without a court order.

Kia fired back by filing a counter-suit against Cam for custody. She is asking the court for primary custody and wants child support above the normal guideline. She also asked the court to order Cam to pay her $15,000. Kia wanted the money to hire a forensic accountant to examine his finances.”

The fact that Proctor is demanding $15,000 per month from Cam Newton in child support is one thing, but it’s wild to see that she seems to have a bigger request coming should this forensic accountant does, in fact, get hired and determine Cam has lots more money than originally thought. If that’s the case, the floodgates could potentially open and Newton could be asked to pay even more.

Now, $15,000 per month isn’t a wild request — after all, we’ve seen guys like Kevin Garnett ordered to pay his ex-wife $100,000 a month to cover both child and spousal support — so Newton seems to be coming out way head compared to that. But, sheesh, $15,000 per month is a shitload of money, and NFL players don’t earn nearly as much as NBA players do; with KG earning a reported $343 million in salary alone during his Hall of Fame career. So this would be quite the hit to Cam’s bank account should a judge deem he’s responsible to pay up.

Just as Cam Newton was prepping himself for a (hopeful) bounce back season, he gets blindsided by his ex in an all-out blitz he probably never saw coming. Wonder if this will impact him during his first year in Foxboro, or if he can block the distraction out of his mind.

(H/T Total Pro Sports)

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