Cam Newton Teases Big Announcement But Says It’s Not A Retirement Speech

Cam Newton teases big announcement

Getty Image / Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire

  • Cam Newton took to Instagram to tease a big announcement coming later this week
  • Newton wouldn’t say much but was sure to clarify that it wasn’t a retirement announcement
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Former New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton hasn’t been heard from much since he was released by the Patriots who chose to go with Mac Jones as QB1.

Cam Newton went into training camp under the assumption that he would be New England’s starting quarterback this season. And in his defense, that was a fair assumption as he was the starting quarterback last year. But the QB1 battle appeared to sway in Mac Jones’ favor after Cam Newton failed to follow a simple rule that kept him out of training for a week.

Newton took to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon to tease a big announcement coming on Friday, in ‘Funky Friday’, but he notes that it won’t be a ‘retirement speech’. This will certainly fuel speculation on what is coming next:

It sure does sound like Cam Newton is saying ‘F***ing Friday’ when he says ‘on this week’s Funky Friday’. Also, he types it out like “FÜŃK¥ FRĮDÂ¥” on Instagram. If Cam Newton no longer being in the NFL means I won’t have to see him type like that anymore then that’s a tradeoff I’m willing to accept.

Fans on Instagram have been quick to speculate on Cam Newton’s next move. One commented “Cam come home” while another said they’re following Cam anywhere he goes. Another suggested that Cam come to Washington while most of them just commented with the ‘goat’ emoji which is borderline hilarious given Cam Newton’s record compared to more than a handful of legitimate stars in the NFL.

I won’t speculate on what could be next for Cam Newton but it doesn’t seem like his NFL days are done. I’m not getting the vibe that he’s ready to go into the booth as a commentator just yet even though he would be great in the booth. So we’ll have to wait for ‘Funky Friday’ to find out. There hasn’t really been any discussion of teams in need of Cam Newton so we’ll have to tune in on Friday…

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