Things Got Awkward When Carrie Underwood Called Out Twitter User For Rightfully Blasting Her ‘Sunday Night Football’ Song


The best PR Hank Williams Jr. ever received was when NBC replaced his “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night” theme song with Carrie Underwood’s “Game On.” It was only then, when football fans were victimized by Underwood’s slapdash lyrics, that we realized how much we appreciated Williams gritty voice, even if he may have been drunk.

I say this as a Carrie Underwood fan and supporter: I’d rather listen to my parents have sex on a bed on styrofoam than listen to that song.

If you think my assessment of the song is harsh, take it out on someone who has higher self-esteem than I. There are plenty of them out there.

A Sports Illustrated employee named Jessica made Carrie Underwood fully aware of her SNF song’s inadequacies when she Tweeted this on Sunday night:

Underwood caught wind of the tweet and responded to

Oh just because she’s a woman that means she has favor gender over good taste? That’s sexist! Somehow!

Don’t give in to this shaming, Jessica! Stand strong, stand with the people!

No Jessica. That’s not what you said. You said the new song is trash and it is!

Open up for another dose of shame!

Aaaaaand the apology.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men and women to say nothing.

Never forget.

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