The Eagles Added Fuel To The Theory That Carson Wentz And Prince Harry Are The Same Person

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Earlier this morning, Americans woke up to the news that Prince Harry had gotten engaged to Meghan Markle, prompting one group of people to freak out over the concept of a royal wedding and making another group (which I admit I belong to) to say “You mean the actress from Suits?” I’ve since learned they’ve been dating for a while because I apparently don’t wander to the parts of the internet where things like that are discussed.

Soon after the announcement was made, a number of people noticed the similarities between Prince Harry and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, who has made quite a name for himself this season by leading his team to the top of the NFC with a 10-1 record. It was only a matter of time before a conspiracy theory started to circulate: are Harry and Wentz actually the same person?

Plenty of people on Twitter were quick to point out the similarities:

It was only a matter of time before the Eagles themselves added fuel to the ever-growing conspiracy fire by posting this tweet:

However, these pictures aren’t the only evidence that Wentz and the prince are the same person. SB Nation pointed out this one very, very important fact:

“Carson James Wentz” is an anagram for “Amass Crown Zen Jet.” Prince Harry’s plan all along was to amass a football following for the crown, then jet. It means he’s going to leave the Eagles as soon as the season is over and start his royal life in earnest.”

I don’t want to say the evidence is overwhelming, but I have a hard time overlooking facts like these.

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