CBS Has Spoken About The Tony Romo Intervention Allegations

CBS Has Spoken About The Tony Romo Intervention Allegations

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When Tomy Romo first started as a color commentator in 2017, he was universally beloved. He seemed to have a knack for knowing exactly what play the offense would run next.

And, he lived off that reputation for a few years as one of the sport’s best analysts. But, things have gone south for the former Cowboy.

Romo has been panned recently for his work on CBS, and many think he has lost his touch.

And, reports came out Thursday that CBS tried to stage an intervention with Romo about his performance.

But, CBS has now denied that occurred, according to an article on Pro Football Talk.

Here is an excerpt from that article.

“To call this an intervention is a complete mischaracterization, we meet regularly with our on-air talent,” CBS Sports spokeswoman Jen Sabatelle told Marchand.

Marchand nevertheless explains that CBS executive “reviewed tapes with Romo, went to dinner and discussed the broadcast in an attempt to return him to the form that made him a media sensation in his first three years on air, beginning in 2017, and culminated in what was at the time the largest contract in sportscasting history, a 10-year deal for a total of $180 million.”

I have a feeling this story isn’t going away.

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