Charles Barkley Rips Young Cavs Players A New One For Presumably Quitting On John Beilein And Forcing Him To Resign

TNT analyst Charles Barkley lays into young Cleveland Cavs players for quitting on former head coach John Beilein

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Charles Barkley is one of the most outspoken people on the planet, so, when he has something to say, he’s not going to hold back and sugarcoat things. As we’ve seen over the years from Sir Charles, the current TNT analyst will be honest and fair in his analysis, which is part of the reason why he’s just so damn good on TV.

Well, Barkley definitely didn’t bite his tongue tonight during the tip-off show on TNT prior to the Philadelphia 76ers-Brooklyn Nets game — and Charles’ rant wasn’t even about either of the two teams playing in the nationally televised game. Instead, Barkley took exception to how some young players on the Cleveland Cavs essentially pulled off a mutiny of now former head coach John Beilein, all but quitting on the guy and forcing him out.

It’s one of the best (and most truthful) rants Charles Barkley has ever had, so take a look below at how he completely ripped some of the young Cavs players, and veterans, for allowing themselves to cost the 67-year-old Beilein his job.

What makes Barkley’s rant so perfect is that it’s absolutely true. Whether you’re a Cavs fan or not, you probably know that the team has been absolutely pathetic all season long, doing things that NBA players shouldn’t be doing.

Here’s a quick “highlight” reel of some of the things the Cavs have actually done so far this season. Not pictured? The locker room mocking John Beilein by playing music with the term “thugs” in it after the coach had an accidental slip of the tongue and called his players “thugs” instead of “slugs” while watching film of their miserable defensive efforts. As for the other despicable moments, look below.

As Charles Barkley mentioned above in his rant, John Beilein is a good coach and a good man, and he deserved better from a bunch of entitled NBA players who were too soft and sensitive to accept his coaching. Was it always the right way? No, as a story about Beilein trying to run practice on Christmas Day proved. Still, the head coach openly walked away from more than $12 million guaranteed because his team had turned against him, and then left in a classy way by addressing the team that humiliated him. Bottom line: The Cavs are a joke, and this all proves it.

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