Charles Barkley Cuts TV Interview Short After Eagles Win So He Can ‘Go Finish Getting Drunk’

Charles Barkley Interview Finish Getting Drunk

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Charles Barkley, who played eight seasons for the 76ers in Philadelphia at the beginning of his NBA career, was in full celebration mode (like everyone else in Philly) after the Eagles’ big AFC Championship win over the Vikings.

“I’m happy for the city of Philadelphia,” Barkley told NBC 10 reporter Aaron Baskerville. “I’ve been here since 1984 and the Sixers have been great a couple of times, the Phillies have won a World Championship, but this is an Eagles city.”

(I am still rooting for the asteroid to win Super Bowl LII.)

Barkley also echoed what pretty much everyone in America was thinking when Carson Wentz went down with a season-ending injury in week 14 — that the Eagles’ season was done.

“Gotta give a lot of love to Nick Foles because once Carson got hurt, there’s not a single person on television, which is my job. I get paid to talk, there’s not a single person who picked the Eagles to go to the Super Bowl,” said Barkley.

Sir Charles actually talked to Baskerville for quite awhile, but when Chuck decided he was done, he was done, saying, “I’m tired of you now. I want to go finish getting drunk.”

God love him.

Funny thing is, this wasn’t the only interview Barkley gave following the Eagles’ win. He also spoke to Philadelphia’s CBS affiliate. Once again, he echoed the sentiment that while the Phillies and Sixers are nice, the city has always been an Eagles city.

Never change, Charles. Never change.

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