NFL Fans Are Rooting For An Asteroid To Hit Earth So Neither Obnoxious Fan Base Wins Super Bowl LII

NFL Fans Rooting Asteroid Super Bowl

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As EVERY NFL fan knows (other than Philadelphia and New England fans, and even some of them know it) Eagles and Patriots fans are almost without fail completely insufferable.

Patriots fans are because after this season they will have been in TEN Super Bowls. (Mostly because the league IS TOTALLY RIGGED! Just kidding, but seriously, think about it.)

Eagles fans are insufferable because, well, I really don’t know why they are. They haven’t won even one Super Bowl in the 51 years since the first one. (Those NFL championships back in 1948, 1949 and 1960? Big deal.) So other than just being a bunch of giant d-bags there really isn’t a reason for it. Heck, there’s even a section of the Eagles’ Wikipedia page devoted to “Fans: Bad Behavior.”

So yeah, no one outside of Philly and Pats fans really has any desire to see either one of these teams win Super Bowl LII. I mean, can you think of a worse combination of football teams to have to watch if you aren’t one of their annoying fans? I think I would rather see the San Diego Chargers take on the Tennessee Titans, two franchises that NO ONE gives a shit about, rather than the Eagles and Patriots.

In fact, when given a choice, it appears that most NFL fans would prefer an asteroid strike the planet before the game takes place just to ensure it.

No doubt about it.

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