Mother Of Antonio Brown’s Children Releases Statement After His Banned Snapchat Post

Chelsie Kyriss and Antonio Brown

Getty Image / Romain Maurice

The mother of Antonio Brown’s children, Chelsie Kryiss, has released a statement regarding Brown’s latest activity on Snapchat.

Early on Tuesday morning, Antonio Brown shared an explicit post of him and Chelsie Kryiss on Snapchat. A post that would and should be taken down by any social network, first and foremost because Chelsie Kryiss does not want it published anywhere.

Taking to Instagram, Chelsie Kryiss released a statement about Antonio Brown’s Snapchat activity and she condemned it. Saying that she’s been reporting it and Snapchat is doing nothing in response.

The full IG story statement about Antonio Brown’s Snapchat activity reads:

“Very well aware of what’s being posted on Snap. I am not in control of his actions. I have asked multiple times to have this part of our past relationship to remain private but he refuses. I have reported his page and all pictures unfortunately Snapchat is allowing him to repost. I am very sorry for any of your kids that follow him and used to look at him as a role model. I do not condone these actions as you are aware I have kids involved as well.”

Her statement clearly condemns Antonio Brown’s Snapchat activity and rightfully so. The content was private and explicit and shared without her consent. Nobody wanted to see that or asked to see it, instead Antonio Brown inexplicably shared it against her wishes:

Currently, if you go to Antonio Brown’s Snapchat profile it says “Sorry, This content was not found.” It’s unclear if his account was temporarily or permanently banned, if he was suspended, or if it’s just a technical error.

A representative from Snapchat has said they banned Antonio Brown’s account and the incident is under investigation. However, there are reports that some are still able to see Brown’s Snap account so it hasn’t been removed for all of his followers yet.

Seemingly in response to the banning, Antonio Brown started posting on Twitter:

Chelsie Kyriss and Antonio Brown had a tumultuous relationship. She once threatened to expose him “and his entire life” after claiming Brown claimed she tried to use another man to scam him out of $25,000.

Kyriss previously released text messages of Antonio Brown trying to convince her to do a threesome. This came after an incident where police arrived at their home where she allegedly tried to steal one of his cars.

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