Chiefs CB Jaylen Watson Laughs Off Being Wheelchaired Out Of Super Bowl Parade For Being So Intoxicated

Chiefs CB Jaylen Watson

Getty Image / Christian Petersen

Okay, so the Kansas City Chiefs had an amazing time celebrating the Super Bowl win at their parade.

There were plenty of drinks being passed, but it sounds like there might have been too much for one player.

Chiefs’ cornerback Jaylen Watson had his fair share of alcohol. So much so, that he had to be wheelchaired out of the parade.

Here he is on top of one of the buses clearly having a great time!

Eventually, the Chiefs cornerback had to leave the scene via wheelchair. Luckily, he has a great sense of humor about it all.

That’s one heck of a day. I’ve had my fair share of drinks in the past but never had to be wheelchaired out of an event. It’s actually impressive to see. Makes me wish I had my own personal wheelchair for when I go out drinking.

In all, the Chiefs had some fun and there’s no harm in that. Even Watson’s teammate laughed with him.

Patrick Mahomes is loving it!

In the end, it looks like the Chiefs were drinking responsibly. Most of the players were noticeably drunk throughout the parade.

We’re sure Jaylen Watson would love to relive that moment again. With Mahomes under center, anything is possible.