Redskins’ Big Fella Chris Baker Photobombing Teammate With A Belly Dance Is Disturbingly Funny

by 4 years ago

CSN Washington

Over the years, there have been some tremendous photobomb efforts in the world of sports.

From the Miami Heat’s efforts during the 2012-13 NBA season, to Aaron Rodgers’ routine prior to each game that his Green Bay Packers play in, athletes have proven to have a knack for finding the camera and sneaking in stealth style to interrupt other guys’ interviews.

Well, the one that Washington Redskins defensive lineman Chris Baker just did during training camp might just be the best ever—and, oddly enough, the most disturbing.

While teammate Andre Roberts was being interviewed by CSN Washington reporter Tarik El-Bashir about god knows what, Baker found it in him to spice up the sitdown by coming behind Roberts and belly dancing his way into the hearts of viewers.

Seeing a 330-pound dude move his hips as if he were fucking Shakira is pretty funny, and, somehow, Roberts and El-Bashir kept their shit together enough to make it through the segment.


FOX Sports

Maybe Baker was just practicing his new sack dance, a la Brandon Mebane, who also proved to be a fan of the belly dance/roll/truffle shuffle a couple seasons ago.

Ah, yes, fat guys doing nimble things, we love this kind of shit.

[H/T The Big Lead]

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