Check Out Chris Johnson’s New Custom ‘IT’-Themed Cleats Featuring Pennywise The Scary AF Clown

chris johnson custom it movie cleats

Getty Images/Warner Bros.

The NFL finally deciding to unpucker their keister and allow players to wear custom cleats this year has been one of the bright spots in an otherwise meh season so far.

As a result we’ve gotten to see players rocking some of the sweetest shoes we’ve ever seen like the custom Ric Flair kicks that Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu wore this past Sunday. (Unfortunately they both got hurt, but I am sure that had nothing to do with Ric Flair or the cleats, right?)

This week the hottest pair of custom cleats in the NFL has to be these new shoes that Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Johnson just dropped a photo of on his Instagram.

IT has been breaking records left and right at the box office, so why not rock some cleats with Pennywise the Dancing Clown on the side?

These aren’t the first pair of amazing custom cleats CJ2K has worn this year either. Check out these sweet Tupac kicks…

And how about these sick Flash cleats?

And check out these bad boys Jalen Ramsey was rocking recently…

These cleats Taco Charlton wore are also pretty nice…

No Fun League? Not anymore…

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