Chris Long Got Pushed By A Rams Fan On Sunday, Triggering An Expletive-Filled Shouting Match

Chris Long Rams Fan Shouting Match

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The Seahawks’ Quinton Jefferson wasn’t the only NFL player to almost go full Ron Artest on an unruly fan on Sunday. Another scene, somewhat similar in nature, also went down at the end of the Rams-Eagles game and involved Eagles’ defensive linemen Chris Long – AKA the “good guy” who’s donating all 16 of his game checks to charity this season.

On the final play of the game, the Rams were doing the usual running around trying to lateral their way to a score, when one of the Eagles’ defenders snagged the ball and ran it in for a touchdown.

To celebrate the TD and their big win a bunch of the Eagles’ players jumped up into the stands near some of their fans, a la The Lambeau Leap. When Chris Long tried to join in with his boys a Rams fan (yes, they apparently do exist) didn’t let him and shoved Long back down to the turf.

Naturally, because players and fans at NFL games are nothing if not rational and level-headed, this led to an expletive-filled shouting match.

After the game, and the altercation, reporter Liz Habib tweeted Long to get his side of the story…

Long must have still been pretty amped up because he fired back at her with this…

“Fan pushed me. Get some context and have a blessed night,” he tweeted back.

Habib was undeterred…

Naturally, as always, Twitter also had opinions…

Here’s a thought, and I am just spit-balling here, but how about NFL players just stop jumping into the GD stands? Again, just a thought.

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