Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo Ranks The Top 5 Fanbases By City, Gets Absolutely Roasted For His Ridiculous List

Chris Russo Ranks The Top 5 Fanbases By City, Gets Absolutely Roasted

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  • Chris Russo put together his Top 5 list of fanbases by city on ESPN’s ‘First Take.’
  • Stephen A. Smith, and most other people, hated Russo’s rankings.
  • The ‘Mad Dog’ was quick to get called out on Twitter for his rankings.

During Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo’s regular Wednesday appearance on ESPN’s ‘First Take’ the radio legend ranked his Top 5 fanbases by city.

The list was questionable, at best, as he gave Cleveland the No. 1 slot followed by Detroit, New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia bringing up the five-spot.

Stephen A. Smith was so disgusted with Russo listing Cleveland No. 1 he had to walk out of frame. Russo went as far as to say Cleveland is “a great city,” which is highly debatable.

Personally, I don’t think Russo’s list is that far off. Does Cleveland deserve the top spot on the list? Absolutely not, but I could listen to an argument for the city to be No. 5 on the list.

The most obvious city that didn’t make the cut in Russo’s rankings is Boston, which the vast majority of sports fans, in general, would include in their Top 5. Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and Tampa Bay are three other cities you could slide into a Top 5 list as well.

Also, New York is a city that just ‘has to be on the list’ but it’s without question the most overrated sports town in the United States; it probably wouldn’t make my Top 15.

Sports fans around the country were quick to call out Russo for his ridiculous rankings: