Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo Ironically Complains About Tony Romo Because He ‘Never Shuts Up’ During His NFL Broadcasts

chris russo mad dog tony romo

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Tony Romo brings something to the broadcast booth we really haven’t ever seen before. Sure, there have been plenty of NFL quarterbacks jump in the booth after retiring, but Romo is the first that has truly shown off his knowledge of the game in the sense of predicting and breaking down plays at an extremely specific level.

For some folks, it’s still an amazing feat hearing Romo do what he does each and every Sunday, but for others, the amazement has faded. For Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo it’s safe to say he’s over the whole Romo schtick during the CBS broadcasts.

Russo makes a living by not shutting up on sports radio, hell, his nickname is Mad Dog, but apparently it’s not okay for Romo to talk during his job. He ripped into Romo’s broadcasting abilities during his SiriusXM show on Monday and The New York Post transcribed a bit of his rant.

“I know he’s a PhD in football, I get that. He knows the plays, he’s on top of the sequence,” Russo said Monday on his SiriusXM show. “But every single … he just never shuts up. Poor Nantz, he never gets to do anything. It’s just not a conventional broadcast with him. I don’t want an education, I’m not looking for an education. A little of it, a little is not terrible, but I’m not looking for an education. I’m really not. I’m looking for a sit back, couple of hours and enjoy an NFL football game with a little edification from the broadcasting team. That’s all I’m looking for.”

“I’m not looking for a situation where I need hour upon hour, every play broken down for 30 seconds. I just don’t need it, and Tony just does not shut up with the games. On and on, I mean, all right, Tony, this guy goes here, he runs here, look at this.”

Russo clearly didn’t get enough sleep on Sunday night before heading into the studio on Monday. Of all things to bitch about when it comes to broadcasting, he chooses to dog Romo because ‘he never shuts up’ is an unbelievably wild move. This is coming from a radio personality that may speak more words during a given day than multiple humans combined.

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