Saints DB Calls Tom Brady A Clout Chaser After Seeing His Viral (And Possibly Faked) Golf Shot

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  • Tom Brady posted a video of himself hitting a hole in one on the golf course
  • Saints DB CJ Gardner-Johnson took offense to the possibly faked clip, calling Brady out for chasing clout
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Tom Brady is always active on social media.

He’s often seen posting clips of his family, friends, teammates, or clothing brand throughout Twitter and Instagram. The quarterback is one of the more entertaining follows in the sports world, giving fans a look into his everyday life.

On Wednesday, however, Brady took it a little bit too far. At least according to one rival defensive back.

CJ Garnder-Johnson has played in the New Orleans secondary 2019, and he’s faced off against Brady each of the last two seasons with the signal caller joining the Tampa Bay Bucs. It’s no shock that the two sides don’t like one another. The Saints and Bucs have seen some absolute battles over the years.

Things intensified when Brady got to Tampa as the Bucs have now overtaken the Saints as the top team in the NFC South. And his presence in the division has certainly gotten the attention of his rivals.

Gardner-Johnson has never been one to hold back, and he has gotten the best of Brady in the past.

He’s often used Brady as a target for his trash talk, so when he felt the division rival was being a little extra on social media, he didn’t hold back.

CJ Gardner-Johnson calls Tom Brady a clout chaser

Brady posted a clip of him drilling a hole in one on the golf course. Many might’ve debated the authenticity of the shot, but it caused quite a stir on social media.

Gardner-Johnson was one of those to react, saying that Brady will “do anything for clout.”

Harsh words from CJ to the greatest player in the history of the sport.

This is just the latest chapter to this heated rivalry. It should be fun to see them battle it out on the field in the upcoming season.