Video Of Clayton Kershaw Holding 6 Baseballs In One Hand Is Absolutely Fascinating

clayton kershaw six baseballs

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  • Clayton Kershaw can hold six baseballs in one hand, which is random, but also incredible.
  • It’s not all about his big hands, either, Kershaw has some ridiculous finger strength.
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The MLB season is an absolute grind. Not only is playing 162 regular-season games a full-on marathon, but it’s especially tough for starting pitchers that only take the mound every five days. Starting pitchers have a lot of time to kill between starts having to sit in the dugout or the bullpen knowing that they’re literally not going to contribute in any way.

Dodgers’ pitcher Clayton Kershaw gave us a first-hand look at how starting pitchers pass the time during a game. On Sunday, Kershaw took it upon himself to grab six baseballs, meticulously line them up, and try to hold all six in his left hand.

It may not sound like a lot, but watching a guy hold six baseballs at a time is oddly fascinating. After a few failed attempts, Kershaw was finally able to do it as the sixth ball stuck on the palm of his hand.

Forget palming a basketball, try holding more than just two baseballs in your hand at a time. Coming from someone with relatively small hands, the fact that Kershaw can fit a baseball between his pinky and wedding finger without tearing any sort of ligament is kind of absurd. Kershaw’s hands make the baseballs look more like golf balls.

Gigantic hands and fingers that may or may not be made of rubber seem to be pretty great tools for a pitcher. Who knew?