Cleveland Browns Rookie QB David Blough Has Awesome ‘Madden’ Challenge For Fans Because Of His Low Rating


The Cleveland Browns have won the offseason thanks to big acquisitions like Odell Beckham Jr. and Kareem Hunt, which have made the team a trendy pick to make a run at (gulp) the Super Bowl this upcoming season. And, while the entire franchise is trying to downplay expectations because games aren’t won in the spring or summer, there’s a lot of anticipation to see how things unfold for the Dawg Pound.

While the real-life Browns should be must-see TV, the video game version could be even more fun. That’s because, with so many offensive weapons, a game like Madden will give gamers a chance to play with guys like OBJ, Hunt, Jarvis Landry, Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, etc., which could lead to some high-scoring affairs. But rookie quarterback David Blough doesn’t want gamers to play with the studs, he wants them to play with him as their starter instead.

That’s because Blough, who was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Cleveland Browns, has an overall Madden rating of a paltry 48, which might be the lowest the game has ever rated a guy. After some of his fellow rookies have reacted to their overall ratings, Blough is having some fun with his, which is why he’s offering $250 to the gamer who can snag him league MVP honors and win the Super Bowl with him as the starter on the All-Madden skill level.

There’s absolutely no doubt that there are people out there who can accomplish this, but, damn, it won’t be easy. Having an overall 48 at quarterback is downright impossible to win games with. There are errant passes and fumbles because of lack of strength, awareness and all that stuff. Plus, Blough isn’t just wanting to win the Lombardi Trophy, but also earn league MVP, which makes this challenge a tall task.

For those feeling bad for the Cleveland Browns rookie QB, one Twitter user wanted to ease the pain of Blough’s terrible rating by pointing out some guy named Tom Brady didn’t even have a name when he was a rookie in Madden. Instead, the GOAT was referenced simply as “QB No. 12” and was rated 57 overall, which is kind of hilarious to think about now.

Will David Blough become the next Tom Brady? Probably not in real life, but for an expert Madden gamer, the Cleveland Browns rookie signal-caller just may become all-time should the player’s challenge be accomplished. Best of luck to those willing to take on the task.

(H/T Golf Digest)