Cleveland News Station Reenacted Johnny Manziel’s Vegas Trip With ‘Little Johnny Manziel,’ Seems Pretty Accurate

Even prior to Cleveland Browns soon-to-be former quarterback Johnny Manziel went AWOL this past weekend, he was the talk of the town, getting attention for being a Grade A jackass who forgot that being an NFL quarterback is a job, not some hobby. I can say that because Johnny has taken a few more years off my life since I’m a Browns fan.

With people trying to track down Johnny Football and get some semblance of answers, the local FOX station in Cleveland, FOX 8, decided to just bring in their own version of Mr. Football, having Little Johnny Manziel reenact his night on the Vegas strip—complete with the rumored disguise and all.

After watching it, I’ve decided a few things:

  1. This is as accurate as fuck
  2. Manziel is the dumbest person alive
  3. This Little Johnny Football could probably be a better option for the Browns at quarterback
  4. It’s time for me to jump on another team’s bandwagon and realize the Browns are worse than a high school team
  5. Fuck Johnny Manziel

The fact that this made it to live TV makes me so happy, though, so at least Manziel will forever be the butt of jokes in a city that has plenty of them.

[H/T Busted Coverage]

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