Colin Cowherd Loves Oregon Due To Its Wonderful, Mostly White, People

by 4 years ago

Colin Cowherd said something controversial on his show today. Kinda.

His sentiment wasn’t as in-your-face as the above headline, which is ruffling the feathers of anyone not interested in thinking about what he actually said.

It all started when he decided, for some reason, to seed all the U.S. states by how much he likes them. Thrilling stuff, right?

When one of his producers suggested Oregon was a 14-seed, Cowherd strongly disagreed, prompting the producer to ask what’s so great about the state.

“How about wonderful people, mostly white, that drink lots of beer and wine,” Cowherd said. “Don’t screw with Oregon.”

Yes, Oregon is primarily white. All it takes is a brief look at any census information to confirm that. Doesn’t seem highly controversial.

It seems pretty clear that the clause “mostly white” wasn’t one of Cowherd’s reasons why Oregon is such a fantastic place. At least to me.

He said as much in his immediate apology.

Call me naive and in need of an internet pitchfork, but I’m inclined to believe him.

Other people have already turned their outrage meters up to 11 and, as we know, will never look back.

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