Nike Released A Colin Kaepernick ‘Icon Jersey’ And The Thing Sold Out Within Hours

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Colin Kaepernick might still be waiting for a phone call from an NFL team now that his collusion case against the league has been settled for a reported millions, but that hasn’t kept the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback from being the talk of the league since the Super Bowl ended.

Following his settlement last week, Kaepernick’s name has been floating around the news a lot, with football analysts trying to predict where he may get a chance to play next. But all those opinions trumped what Nike did for him yesterday, as the Swoosh released an “icon jersey” for Colin Kaepernick, which was so well-received, that it actually sold out within hours of its debut.

Here’s a look at what Kaepernick tweeted out last night, when the icon jersey was officially released.

Described by Nike as “a celebration of those who seek truth in their communities, and those who remain true to themselves,” Colin Kaepernick’s activism has impacted the sports world beyond just football. In fact, this very Nike jersey was worn by NBA stars LeBron James and Kevin Durant — both of whom are sponsored by the brand — during Super Bowl week, showing that there’s plenty of support for the former Niners quarterback.

The Colin Kaepernick icon jersey, which retailed for $150 and is simply black with white lettering and features no NFL logos, was a follow-up item from Nike after the brand released limited edition icon t-shirts last October — which also sold out quickly. This goes to show how much of an impact he’s made on both sports and society, and that’s hard to ignore no matter what your personal opinions of him are.

This also come in the wake of the news that a Colorado sports apparel store was forced to shutdown after boycotting Nike because of their relationship with Colin Kaepernick, leading to poor sales for the business. So, while he still hopes for another chance to play in the NFL, it’s safe to say Kaep has been winning a lot lately thanks to his strong message — which, dare I say, is iconic.

(H/T Bleacher Report)