College Football Announces New Name For Bowl Season: ‘BOWL SEASON’

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We have breaking news in the college football world. What you may commonly refer to as bowl season – you know, the weeks following the season when teams play bowl games – has officially gotten a new name and brand.

The new name is…’BOWL SEASON.’

Not even the most diehard college football fans knew that what we’ve always referred to as ‘bowl season’ actually had an official name, which was ‘The Football Bowl Association.’ The association decided to scrap that name for ‘Bowl Season’.

The association wanted a new name that encapsulated the true essence of bowl season, and you can get any more bowl season than actually naming yourself bowl season.

“Bowl Season is the collective coalition of the 44 bowl games played in the traditional college football postseason. Dubbed “A Celebration of College Football,” Bowl Season promotes the grand tradition of the bowl system and its endearing value to student-athletes. It also highlights the broader university and college communities, including spirit squads, marching bands, athletic staff and fans. A nonprofit, Bowl Season spotlights the distinctiveness of each of the bowl games along with their histories and traditions, embracing and honoring the bowl experience for present and future generations.”

Speaking of bowl season, it’s going to be a lot different this year seeing as how there are literally no requirements for teams to get an invite to a bowl. A team could very literally go 0-10 this season and play in a bowl game. Watching 0-10 Vanderbilt take on a 3-9 UTEP squad is going to be a blast.

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