Colorado Football Players Sport Social Media Handles On Their Jerseys

A Colorado Buffaloes logo on a football helmet and uniform.

Getty Image

Colorado players were seen sporting their own personal social media handles on their football jerseys this week at practice. The unique idea has fans and followers of the program talking online.

A clip of the new design was posted to Twitter showing quarterback Shedeur Sanders with his Instagram tag across his back. Rather than last name, @shedeursanders fills the place above his No. 2.

Many have been quick to comment. The idea has been met with mixed reviews.

“The @ on the back of the jersey is cringe in my opinion,” one person wrote.

“Are you kidding me?” another follower asked. “Whoever came up with this misguided idea with the social media handle on their jersey should be fired. This sends a bad message on numerous levels.”

“It’s actually a really cool idea,” this fan posted.

It will now be easier than ever to follow your favorite player online.

While unique, Colorado isn’t the first program to sport social media handles on their jerseys. UCF started the trend a few years back, and it’s since caught on with a few others.

This is just the latest bit of exposure for the Buffaloes following the arrival of head coach Deion Sanders. Colorado has made headlines in recruiting, workouts, and media days as they prep for the upcoming year.

They even had the spring game televised nationally on ESPN.

The team is hoping to turn things around following a 1-11 season. They’ll begin the year in early September with a matchup against TCU.