Satirical Computer ‘Simulation’ Of Mayweather Vs. McGregor Predicts A Hilarious Joke Of A Fight

Last week Conor McGregor’s former sparring partner, Chris Van Heerden, said that he believes Floyd Mayweather will dominate “The Notorious One” when they finally fight in August. He even has video that pretty much backs up his statement.

Despite huge betting money already rolling in favoring McGregor in the fight, Van Heerden is far from alone in that assessment.

In order for McGregor to somehow win most people think he will have to charge Mayweather like a bull and hope to land a very lucky punch. He certainly has the power to knock Mayweather out, but Floyd’s defense is like nothing McGregor has never seen before. He didn’t get to be 49-0 in his career by sheer luck, after all. Mayweather, as he has shown numerous times, is more than willing to dance around and evade his opponents punches, landing just enough to score yet another W.

So with all of that in mind, some mad wizard on the internet put together a “high-tech super computer simulation of the Mayweather-McGregor fight.” In case you can’t feel the sarcasm dripping in that description allow me to make it completely obvious before you watch the video.

Other than the length of the fight, if it were to actually go down something like that it might actually be worth all the money it will cost to watch it. Maybe.

H/T The Score