Conor McGregor Forgot To Bring His Athletic Cup To The Mayweather Fight

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Boxers don’t need much to fight: gloves, mouthpiece, and athletic cup. Somehow, Conor McGregor forgot to bring two of those three things to the gigantic fight with Floyd Mayweather including his cup. You never want to forget your cup. Never.

Conor McGregor didn’t realize he was missing his jockstrap, custom cup, and his mouthpiece until after he had arrived at the T-Mobile Arena. Conor was wearing his suit and having his hands wrapped when it dawned on him that he forgot his cup and mouthpiece at his Las Vegas home. A member of McGregor’s team raced out of the arena and to McGregor’s house to get his gear. Thankfully for McGregor’s balls, the person made it back in time with the cup and mouthpiece. Luckily for McGregor, he didn’t get an impromptu cupcheck before the bout or at the weigh-in.

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Everyone knows to never leave without your custom protective cup. Right Mac?