Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Could Be Hot Water As Sexual Assault Case Heads Toward Trial

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Whenever you discuss the Dallas Cowboys, it’s hard not to have team owner Jerry Jones be the first thing that comes to mind.

Jones, who purchased the team in 1989, found immediate success with head coach Jimmy Johnson.

But in the last 27 years, Jones’ Cowboys have won little to nothing as the owner has made himself more and more prevalent in the team’s day-to-day operations.

Jones is also as much a story away from the field as he is on it. He’s currently dealing with a pair of lawsuits. The first alleges that he fathered an illegitimate child and must now support her. The second involves an alleged sexual assault that took place that the Cowboys’ facility.

Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones May Have To Stand Trial For Sexual Assault Case

The latter of the two cases was initially struck down. But now it’s back after an appeal, and Jones may well have to stand trial.

Ryan Young of Yahoo Sports reports that the case will likely head to trial in the coming months.

The case was dismissed last year after a judge said the woman failed to comply with an order to provide more information both about herself and the details of her allegation. After filing an appeal, however, the appellate court said the woman “made a good faith effort to amend her pleadings.” They ruled the initial court “abused its discretion in dismissing the claims.”

J.G. said the incident with Jones caused her severe injuries, emotional distress and psychological pain and suffering. The lawsuit was initially filed against Jones and the Cowboys, as she believes the team and officials “knew or should have known” of Jones’ alleged behavior. – via Yahoo Sports

Jones has not commented publicly on the case. But it’s just another in a long list of accusations against the prominent team owner.