The Crying Michael Jordan Meme Has Naturally Made Its Way To A Pancake

// you watch sports and have an internet connection, you’ve definitely seen the Crying Michael Jordan meme by now. It happens pretty regularly, especially on Sundays. You’ll see it after tough losses, blowouts, and completely meaningless games. It’s dangerously close to meeting its expiration date. But for now, enjoy this Crying Michael Jordan pancake video, complete with syrup playing the crucial role of the G.O.A.T.’s heartbreaking tears. The accompanying music is as powerful as the meme itself.

MIchael Jordan Crying Pancake


While we’re here, if you stayed up for the end of the Bills-Jets game last night, you were treated to two Crying Michael Jordans following the brutal loss, one that saw victorious coach Rex Ryan lose his mind in outstanding fashion.



Enjoy this meme while it lasts. Though if we keep getting photoshops like the Ryan Fitzpatrick version above, it will likely live forever.

[h/t @SBNation]

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