Dabo Swinney Doesn’t Think The College Football Season Will Be Delayed Because ‘This Is America, Man’

dabo swinney college football season not delayed

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In these uncertain times, it’s definitely easier to be more negative than positive regarding just about everything in life, and given the current situation at hand, there’s a rather strong chance we see a delay to the start of college football season.

The entire sports world has hit pause, all spring NCAA championships have been canceled and nobody has a clue when or if students will return to campus this Summer or Fall, but the 2020 college football season is going to happen as scheduled, at least according to Dabo Swinney.

The Clemson head coach said he has ‘zero doubt’ that college football will be played this Fall. The reason for all the optimism? Because ‘this is America, man, ‘and Americans are going to rise up and kick this virus in the teeth. Those are his words, not mine.

“I have zero doubt we are going to play…. This is America, man,” Swinney said on Friday, according to Anna Hickey of 247Sports. “This is the greatest country in the planet. We will rise up and kick this in the teeth. September is a long time away, man.”

You have to tip your cap to Swinney for being so positive and optimistic while most people around the world are concerned and negative, but simply leaning on the fact that ‘this is America’ isn’t going to get the country back to normal. He (hopefully) knows that, but that doesn’t make his statement any better.

There’s zero shame in Swinney believing in his country and every American fighting the battle right now. However, it’s foolish, at least with how things are going right now, to think September is going to roll around and we’re going to be talking about the start of the college football season as we’ve always known it.

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