Dak Prescott’s Brother Responds To Rumor That The Cowboys Are Considering Releasing The QB This Offseason

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The Dak Prescott rumors are starting to get a bit out of control which is forcing some of Dak’s family members to shoot them down.

On Friday, 105.3 The Fan’s Mike Bacsik suggested the Dallas Cowboys are considering releasing Prescott in June amid current contract negotiations.

“I think there’s a possibility they release Dak Prescott in June,” Bacsik said. “I know something that nobody else knows and it’s very tough to keep my mouth shut on this. I’m just telling you, I know something, and the Cowboys know it too, and Dak knows it, too.”

Bacsik went on to imply that Prescott might not be ready for the start the season due to his injured foot.

I think there’s a strong possibility that he might not be able to start the season. I don’t know exactly how the rehab process is going to go over the next four or five months or s but I know this, if it were just a broken ankle, shouldn’t we be seeing him doing some stuff? He should be out of a cast and moving around.

Dak’s brother Tad responded to Bacsik’s report by saying that the team couldn’t release him because he’s a free agent and gave an update on his rehab process.

Bacsik would go on to post a statement on Twitter after people accused him of being a hater.

It’s going to be a long offseason for Cowboys fans who are going to be forced to read a ton of different rumors until the team officially signs Dak.