Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is Deathly Afraid Of Jewelry, Has A Big-Time Jewelry Phobia… Seriously

by 12 months ago
Dale Earnhardt Jr Jewelry Phobia

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. just admitted to the world that he has a very serious phobia of jewelry. As in, jewelry absolutely creeps him right the f**k out. In fact, it’s so bad that he delayed getting married because of it.

Man, while I still think he’s the biggest bro in NASCAR history, Junior has certainly shared some odd things about himself over the past year. First, he revealed that he is comically obsessed with his Uber passenger rating. Then he showed us what an evil neighbor he is in some clips of him hiding in the bushes wearing a creepy clown mask. And now we’ve got this very unusual phobia about jewelry? Actually, now that I think about it. All of things make him even more of a cool bro.

As for Earnhardt’s fear of jewelry, it’s no joke. He gets completely grossed out by metal jewelry in the same way people do snakes, spiders, the Kardashians.

Speaking about it on on his Dale Jr. Download podcast, he elaborated on this irrational fear he has of necklaces, bracelets, rings and other assorted accessories.

“(My wife) Amy thought that I was making it up and that there’s no such thing as a jewelry phobia. But there is a word. It’s one of them long, crazy words, but it’s real. There’s people that have it,” he explained.

“I don’t like wearing it, and I don’t like being close to it,” Earnhardt admitted.

He is right though. There is a word for it and it’s called kosmemophobia.

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