Dale Earnhardt Jr. Tweeted About His Horrible Experience Flying Commercial And Fans Could Relate

Dale Earnhardt Jr Tweeted About Flying Commercial Fans Could Relate

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  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. recently had to take a commerical flight and it did not go well.
  • His tweeted about his experience, detailing how wild the trip was.
  • Fans responded with experiences of their own in a comical thread of comments.

According to one report, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is worth around $300 million.

So, despite the fact that he forgets to bring his wallet with him all the time, it’s a pretty safe bet that he doesn’t have to fly commercial very often when he travels.

Recently, however, the 2022 NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee found himself on a commercial flight and from his description of how it went it doesn’t sound like he’s going to be doing it again anytime soon.

“Man flying commercial this week was some wild s–t,” Earnhardt tweeted on Sunday. “It was like they were challenging me to solve a complex riddle with a bit of choose your own adventure thrown in. Good times.”

Then again, maybe he will fly commercial again, because it sounds like he does it more often than we might think. (Plus, he hasn’t exactly had the greatest experiences taking private jets either as he and his family were on a plane that crashed in 2019.)

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s commercial flying experience led to a funny Twitter thread with fans

Race fans were quick to respond to Junior’s experience with stories of their own and compliments on how well he appeared to handle such a bad experience.

“I felt like they were watching me, thinking I was gonna give up at any particular moment. Truman Show,” Earnhardt replied.

He also, despite all the trouble, complimented the flight crews on the flights he took.

Junior also offered up some words of encouragement for anyone who ever finds themselves in a similar situation.

He might be worth $300 million, but Dale Earnhardt Jr. still seems like a pretty good dude. Not many guys with that net worth admit to once getting super drunk and running into his future wife with a go kart, after all.

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