The Dallas Mavericks Are Getting Unmercifully Mocked For Their Godawful New ‘City’ Edition Jerseys

Dallas Mavericks Mocked For Their Ugly New City Edition Jerseys

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There have been some bad uniforms and jerseys in the world of professional sports in the past: MLB’s ridiculous Players’ Weekend uniforms, those terrible sleeved NBA jerseys, Michigan State’s retina-damaging neon uniforms, the 2019 NBA All-Star game kits, the Lakers’ 2018 ‘Statement’ uniforms, the Clippers’ 2019 ‘City’ Edition uniforms, the list is pretty endless.

Speaking of horrible ‘City’ Edition uniforms, the Dallas Mavericks just unveiled theirs for the 2019 NBA season and well, they’re not good.

Art-inspired… was the art used for this design found in a pre-school somewhere because that gear looks like something a toddler would design if they were given just a blue, black and lime green crayon. Also, is Dallas as a ‘City’ really best known for its art culture? When did this happen?

Oh, and if you happen to tune in to the November 26 Mavs vs. Clippers game you will be in for a real treat because that’s when these bad boys will make their on-court debut. Thankfully for our eyes, the Clippers will have already worn their terrible ‘City’ Edition unis on November 22nd. (Though they will be wearing them again on Christmas Day. Happy holidays!)

The Mavs will also be hosting over 20 local Dallas artists at the American Airlines Center on the 26th, “showcasing their custom works inspired by our 2019-2020 ‘City’ Edition Jersey.” The event is free and open to the public so there should be plenty of people on hand for the big official ‘City’ Edition reveal.

Based on Twitter reactions to the jersey though, the event might not go as well as the Mavs are hoping it will.