Dan Henderson Obliterates Tim Boetsch In 28 Seconds With Deadly Knee-To-The-Face And Uppercut At UFC Fight Night 68

by 3 years ago

There was much doubt about Dan Henderson (31-13) heading into his bout against Tim Boetsch (18-9) at UFC Fight Night 68. After all, Henderson had lost five of his previous six fights and he is 44-years-old. There was even talk that Henderson was over-the-hill and needed to retire. Henderson kicked, smashed and destroyed those notions on Saturday night in New Orleans.

In a mere 28-seconds, Henderson proved that he is as fierce as ever by annihilating Boetsch. The barrage featured a swarm of punches, an “H-bomb,” a knee-to-the-face and a knockout uppercut. And just like that, the talk of retirement seems absolutely ludicrous. This is the same Dan Henderson who is the only man ever to hold simultaneously hold major world titles in multiple weight classes.

“Obviously, I can’t feel bad about that one,” Henderson said. “Its nice, when I say ‘I’m not done’ and no one believes me, to actually come out and prove i’m not quite done yet.”


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