Dana White Addresses Positive Drug Tests In Power Slap ‘I’ll Get This Cleaned Up’

Dana White

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Dana White vows to address the positive drug tests in his new Power Slap league.

Last month, six Power Slap competitors were suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for testing positive for banned substances.

We spoke with White ahead of Wednesday night’s Power Slap 2 event on Rumble and he compared the positive drug tests to the early days of the UFC.

“Look at we did in the UFC, if you go back and people don’t remember this because we’ve had such a long stretch of success now, look at what just happened in the PFL, half their roster popped for drugs, these things happen when you’re starting a new sport, it happened to us early on and we cleaned it up, I’ll get this cleaned up too.”

White believes that now that Power Slap competitors are beginning to make money in the sport, they’ll think twice about using drugs/PEDs.

“The end result is more drug testing, more education, once these guys start to realize you start popping for drugs you start losing money… there’s already money in this, these guys are already making money, the guys involved in this sport are making life changing money and nobody wants that to go away and this is overseen by the athletic commission just like boxing, just like the UFC, it’s regulated by the government, they’ll learn quick’

Power Slap 2 airs Wednesday night live for free on Rumble.

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