Daniel Negreanu Breaks Down Big Hand With Suited Connectors In Texas Hold’em Poker Tourney

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Poker pro Daniel Negreanu recently eclipsed over $50 million in career earnings, putting him 3rd on the all-time poker winnings list.

This came after DNegs aka ‘Kid Poker’ cashed for $124,000 in the $25,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em PokerGO Cup #7 event. He has already had three tournament cashes so far in 2023.

That six-figure payday was just a few months after Daniel Negreanu won the 2022 Super High Roller Bowl in October for $3,312,000.

Recently, Daniel has been using his YouTube channel to break down pivotal hands from the 2022 Super High Roller Bowl, a $100,000 buy-in event. We recently featured his Quads vs Aces Full analysis. That was called one of the wildest hands of the year.

This poker hand is a lot less sexy but it shows the value of playing suited connectors when the timing is right. Getting an unfiltered look into what was going through Daniel Negreanu’s mind during this hand is fascinating.

Of course, he couldn’t have asked for a better flop. The only better possible outcome is if he flopped quads. But seeing how a seasoned poker pro like Negreanu handles situations like this is illuminating.

That video is part of Daniel’s recent ‘How to WIN $3,000,000 in 3 Days’ series on YouTube. Part 1 was titled ‘Limpin is Pimpin’. Part 2 is Quads vs Aces Full. Part 3 is When Limping Goes Wrong. Part 4 is How Important Is Balance In Poker? And you’ve seen Part 5 above.

Daniel Negreanu’s ‘How to WIN $3,000,000 in 3 Days’ Poker Series

Here are the other videos in the series, from start to finish:

Quads vs Aces Full:

When Limping Goes Wrong:

The Importance Of Balance:

In Quads vs Aces Full, it is interesting how much Daniel Negreanu emphasizes that he was never in jeopardy during the hand.

He seems as if he would’ve been able to get away from the 3’s at any time if he sense aces. But when the board came out runner-runner 3’s and he made quads for the nuts it was a blood bath.

That hand helped catapult Negreanu towards the $3.3 million first-place prize for winning the 2022 Super High Roller Bowl. And that final table was STACKED.

The final results were Daniel Negreanu (1st). Nick Petrangelo finished 2nd for $2,016,000 and Nick ranks 23rd on the all-time poker money list.

Andrew Lichtenberger finished 3rd for $1,152,000. He ranks 59th on the all-time money list. And poker legend Justin Bonomo finished 4th for $720,000. Justin sits atop poker’s all-time money list with $58,954,124 in winnings, just ahead of Bryn Kenney who has $57,221,865.

That is a murder’s row of talented poker players to navigate en route to winning the $3.3 million.

Daniel Negreanu Reveals His 2022 Poker Earnings And How This Year Compared To The Past

Negreanu has earned nearly $50 million in live poker events throughout his career. He ranks 3rd on the all-time money list for live poker tournament earnings.

Daniel Negreanu’s biggest live poker tournament cash to date was a $8,288,001 win in the ‘$1 Million No-Limit Hold’em Big One for One Drop’ 2014 World Series of Poker. That was a $1 million buy-in event Negreanu won $8.288M in after finishing in second place to Daniel Colman who earned $15,306,668 for first.

Now that the 2022 poker season is over, Daniel Negreanu shared his 2022 winnings along with how this year has compared to his results in previous years. On average, the ‘Kid Poker’ or ‘Dnegs’ is winning $1,459,695 at the tables each year since 2013. Not too shabby:

Daniel noted that those numbers are just based on results/what was paid out. That’s not including the tournaments where he sold a % of his buy-in to people staking him, nor did it include taxes or expenses.

PokerGo reporter Jeff Platt joked about ‘Troll Math’ with Daniel.

Looking at that tweet above it’s easy to miss that 2015 was a negative $1.2M year. Many people scrolling through might’ve only see the numbers and not that 2015 was a big loss:

It would be interesting to see the cash numbers as well:

Must. Be. Nice.

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