Danny Amendola Hits The Beach With A New Model As Zedd Takes Subtle Dig Back At The Wide Receiver

Danny Amendola Hits The Beach With A Model As Zedd Takes Subtle Dig

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Detroit Lions wide receiver Danny Amendola has apparently moved on from his ex, Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo, as he hit the beach over the weekend with model Emily Tanner in Miami… on Culpo’s 27th birthday, who was also in Miami, with Zedd, the guy he threw shade at for being with Culpo at Coachella, then went on an Instagram rant for the ages.

Somebody pass the popcorn.

As photos published by TMZ show, Amendola and Tanner appear to be more than friends as she “got a little handsy with his abs after he seemed to spill some water on himself.”

Classic move.

Meanwhile, Zedd appeared to post his own petty response to Amendola’s video where he was watching the Pulp Fiction scene where Bruce Willis says, “Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead.”

Pretty sure this is a reference to Amendola writing in his rant about Culpo that “the sex was f***ing crazy.”

No way that’s a coincidence, right?

Not that any of this new drama seemed to affect Culpo as her birthday party looked like a good time.

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