Danny Shelton Picking Up Roger Goodell Like A Tiny Baby Was The NFL Draft’s Best Moment



The Cleveland Browns resisted the urge to make major headlines and drafted former Washington Huskies defensive lineman Danny Shelton instead. At 6-feet-2 and 340 pounds, the mountain of a man was the strongest player available, according to many draft experts.

Dressed in traditional Samoan garb, Shelton instantly became everyone’s favorite lineman by picking up NFL commissioner/cartoon villain Roger Goodell with a bear hug. Much to the dismay of fans everywhere, Shelton eventually put the Ginger Hammer down before cracking each rib systematically.

But the message was sent. You don’t mess with Shelton.

Dude would mess you up if ever pressed to turn from a lover to a fighter.

[Vine via Steve Noah]

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