Darren Rovell Needs To Check His Pants After Johnny Manziel Admits To Getting Paid While In College

johnny manziel admits being paid in college darren rovell

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Darren Rovell, who very much believes Twitter is real life, has been going after Johnny Manziel for years. In fact, this feud between the former first-round draft pick and the self-described investigative journalist dates back all the way to 2013 when Rovell decided to do some digging into Manziel possibly receiving money for his autograph. *gasps*

Thanks to Rovell being nosey and hating on a guy that’s 15 years younger than him, the NCAA suspended Manziel for the first half of Texas A&M’s season opener in 2013. The punishment certainly didn’t fit the crime in Rovell’s eyes and from that moment forward he simply hasn’t gotten over the fact that a young man that generated millions upon millions of dollars for his university got a little extra cash for signing his own name.

Recently a Manziel signed card popped up on eBay where he not only signed his name but wrote ‘fuck Rovell‘ on it as well to keep the fiery relationship going.

Every couple of months something new pops up between these two that throws them into the spotlight and the latest development comes courtesy of Manziel appearing as a guest on rapper Mike Stud’s podcast where he admitted to “taking care of the boys” while at A&M.

He admitted that he would help out Mike Evans, specifically to get his daughter some diapers, because a “$700 stipend check doesn’t cut it.” He was then asked “how would you get the bread” and responded with “it’ll get to the point where we’ll talk about it one day.”

Hopefully, Manziel can send over some new pants for Rovell because he certainly shit himself when he heard those words come out of his mouth.

Rovell will be the only person on the planet to chalk this up as a win for Team Rovell because everyone with a brain knew that Manziel, just like every other major college athlete, was getting paid some serious dollars during their college days. Water continues to be wet.