David Beckham’s Sick Burn On His Son Brooklyn During Instagram Video

by 4 years ago

I don’t know what it’s like to have 1,000,000 followers on Instagram (I am currently a smidge shy with 1,205 followers), but if I did hit 1,000,000 followers I would brag about it to the world and be so egotistical that Kanye West would sit me down and be like, “Chill bro, try being a little humble.”

Brooklyn Beckham was rather modest when thanking his fans for 1 million followers on Instagram, his world-renowned soccer dad interrupted with an amazing burn. Brooklyn, who just turned 16-years-old, was recording a video announcing his 1 million followers and to wish his mother Victoria a happy 41st birthday when he got embarrassed by his famous father.

David yelled, “Brooklyn, we’re leaving!” The son continued talking to the camera, and said, “I just reached a million followers.” That’s when the elder Beckham let his son know what’s what by videobombing the video and shouting, “I’ve got 52!”


Brooklyn, who played at Arsenal’s academy, was a good sport about it and shared the video with the hashtag #ismydadcoolerthanme.

While Papa Beckham doesn’t have an Instagram, he is quite popular on Facebook with over 50 million followers. That must be so annoying to have the “cool dad.”

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