Fans Call Deion Sanders A Bold-Faced Liar After Hearing His Latest Recruiting Pitch

Deion Sanders in an interview.

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Deion Sanders is cleaning up on the recruiting trail in his new gig with the Colorado Buffaloes. The head coach landed a top 25 rated class, picking up pledges from a five-star talent and a number of notable blue-chip prospects.

Those pickups include this year’s top defensive player in Cormani McClain and last year’s top defender in Travis Hunter, who transferred from Jackson State.

Outside of being highly touted recruits, McClain and Hunter share another similarity. They both hail from the state of Florida.

In fact, Deion Sanders was able to reel in seven players from the Sunshine State this past cycle, as well as lure a number of transfers from SEC Country. His fifth-ranked transfer class includes players from Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas, and Alabama. There’s also a former Clemson Tiger in the group.

Coach Prime was asked about his ability to lure high level players from warm weather states out to Colorado, where temperatures can be significantly colder during the playing season.

He had the following to say while talking with 24/7 Sports, focusing on those Florida recruits.

“I love my Florida boys. I know what they’re going to give me. I know who they are. I know how to raise (them), and we have tremendous relationships bringing those kids from Florida.”

He then made a seeming pitch to future Sunshine State prospects that could be interested in the Colorado football program.

“Once they realize it ain’t that cold, it’s gonna be all good from our Florida boys.”

He had us until that last part.

As a South Carolina native who dons a hoodie at the sight of 60-degree weather, I can attest to the fact that it is, indeed, cold in Colorado.

Many on social media quickly chimed in on.

One person wrote, “I lived in Denver for four years. There is a reason I moved back to Florida.”

Another said, “Even Deion Sanders can’t spin this.”

Seemingly working against the head coach’s pitch is his son and starting quarterback, Shedeur. Earlier this week he posted about the freezing temperatures in Colorado.

Deion Sanders will continue to land players from Florida due to relationships, his notoriety in the area, and the ability to sell himself as one of the NFL’s best players of all time. The weather in Boulder might be less of a draw to those from the Sunshine State.