Coach Deion Sanders Gets Testy When Asked About Bringing His Culture To Colorado

coach Deion Sanders

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New University of Colorado-Boulder football head coach Deion Sanders has upped the quality of athlete in the program in a hurry.

Deion Sanders brought in the 30th-ranked recruiting class for National Signing Day. Colorado also has a top-ranked Transfer Portal class according to some outlets.

Coach Prime is making a splash. Everywhere you look he’s in the news. Including a recent appearance on CBS where he was asked about recruiting.

Coach Sanders discussed how they need to readjust the program before he begins to do home visits in recruiting and for now his assistants are pounding the pavement. Deion Sanders also got testy when the reporter asked him about bringing his culture to Boulder.

Deion Sanders Gets Testy When Asked About Bringing Culture To Colorado

Romi Bean asked “Coach Sanders, you’ve been really busy. Not just recruiting, you’ve been spending time with the legendary Bill McCartney… You met Peggy the Super Fan. You’re going to restaurants. You’re going to games. Why is it important for you to be such an inmeshed part of this community?

Deion Sanders took a deep breath and responded. He said “I’m not meshing myself in the Culture. This is who I am. You, you’re just finding out who I am. This is how I live. This is what I do.”

Sanders went on to say “it’s not like I’m saying ‘let me do this strategically.’ That ain’t how I get down. If I want to go to a basketball game, I’m going. Okay? If I want to go meet a person or meet this person or walk around the track with Coach McCartney I’m going to do it.”

Deion Sanders finished his answer by adding “I don’t need permission to do what’s right. I try my best to do what’s right even when wrong is present.”

It is hard to not think someone is being overly diplomatic when they say things like “I try my best to do what’s right even when wrong is present.” People rarely speak like that off the cuff these days but maybe Deion Sanders is really that dude.

CBF Fans Call Coach Prime A Liar After Recruiting Pitch Revealed

Coach Deion Sanders was able to reel in seven players from the Sunshine State this past cycle, as well as lure a number of transfers from SEC Country.

Coach Prime was asked about his ability to lure high level players from warm weather states out to Colorado, where temperatures can be significantly colder during the playing season.

He had the following to say while talking with 24/7 Sports, focusing on those Florida recruits.

“I love my Florida boys. I know what they’re going to give me. I know who they are. I know how to raise (them), and we have tremendous relationships bringing those kids from Florida.”

He then made a seeming pitch to future Sunshine State prospects that could be interested in the Colorado football program.

“Once they realize it ain’t that cold, it’s gonna be all good from our Florida boys.”

He had us until that last part. And social media was clowning on Coach Prime over that comment.

I live in Florida and it was 85 degrees out yesterday. It was sub-freezing in Boulder. We are not the same.

Lil Wayne Gets VIP Tour Of Colorado From Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders brings a brand to Colorado that recruits and current players love. He’s a Hall of Famer and a celebrity with celebrity friends like Lil Wayne. You can’t find that kind of excitement on most college campuses.

Case in point, Deion Sanders brought his friend Lil Wayne to Boulder for a private tour of the University of Colorado football facilities. Staff members and players got to watch as one of the most famous rappers around, Lil Wayne, got a VIP tour from Deion Sanders.

There are some interesting subplots going on here with Lil Wayne and Deion Sanders. Particularly, Lil Wayne has always appeared to be a for-hire fan.

Aside from the Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Lakers, Lil Wayne has been seen wearing more teams’ gear than Drake. He goes where the flash is. So Deion Sanders getting Lil Wayne on board the hype train might reap dividends down the line in terms of exposure.