This is What a Face Looks Like After Being Hit by a 90 MPH Fastball


Delino Deshields Jr., son of RBI Baseball legend Delino Deshields, is a prospect in the Houston Astros organization who had a solid Single-A campaign last year. Unfortunately for him, that’s not why he’s making news.

He’s making news because he was clocked in the face with a 90 mph fastball over the weekend, resulting in this cringeworthy aftermath.

Oh. My. God.

Deshields Jr. has a broken left cheekbone and is out for several weeks.

“He’s lucky considering,” Hooks manager Keith Bodie said. “It could have been horrific, could have been catastrophic. He never saw the ball out of the pitcher’s hand and took a 90-mph fastball right in the face. You can imagine how lucky we are that he’s only got a fracture of his cheekbone. His head looks like a beach ball right now.”

Bodie said DeShields was released from the hospital early Saturday morning and spent the night at the team hotel, where teammates kept a close eye on him. He said he was resting with no problems, other than some major swelling.

Here’s hoping his recovery is speedy and not as painful as one would suspect by looking at the injury.

[H/T: MLB]